Project Details

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Business: Automotive Dismantlers
  • Location: USA
  • Product Type: Met-Track® Workstation Ceiling Mounted Multiple Crane System

Client Says:

“Very happy with the overall system. The solution for the non-crane building worked brilliantly. Keeping the floors open was key for this application.”

Project Description

Following a fire that completely destroyed a production facility owned by Cunningham Brothers Auto Parts, a Met-Track® dealer, Atlantic Hoist & Crane, Inc. assisted with their requirement for a new crane system to be installed in their newly constructed building.

The crane system needed to be designed to aid the breaking down of vehicles that they acquire from accidents. The recycled parts from each vehicle are then re-sold to the general public using their own network of auto dismantlers to provide required parts from one location to another.


Cunningham’s initial idea was to purchase a ceiling mounted top running 5 Ton bridge crane but upon inspection by Atlantic Hoist & Crane it appeared that the newly constructed building would require extra steelwork to support the weight created by the crane and load it would carry. Unfortunately to do that, the building was to be re-designed and re-built which was not an option due to the expense that would be incurred and further loss of production time.

The option of individual cranes was then decided and due to the application being complicated and standard cranes not being suitable, Met-Track® was delighted to work with Atlantic Hoist & Crane and utilize their knowledge and experience in designing bespoke cranes.

A very unique Met-Track® workstation bridge crane system was designed consisting of several side-by-side systems, one end being floor supported using hangman columns, intermediate supports ceiling mounted on additional steelwork designed to support adjacent cranes from a single beam above.

Each crane system provided a lifting capacity of 1 Ton to each of the 5 areas requiring handling / lifting assistance and being majority ceiling mounted this allowed floor space to remain unrestricted.

Cunningham’s was supplied within 6 weeks of ordering and were very satisfied with the overall outcome which has resulted in a more efficient production facility.

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