Met-Track® workstation monorails enable you to achieve effortless and reliable area-serving overhead handling for a wide variety of applications. Each system is configured with the operator in mind and includes the principle feature of ease of movement, designed to reduce fatigue and ensure accurate load positioning. Quality materials and construction ensure operational reliability, safety and facilitate long life combined with minimum maintenance.


  • Loads up to 4000lbs (2000kgs)
  • Bridge lengths up to 34' (10m)
  • Runway supports up to 30' (9m)
  • Ceiling & floor mount options
  • Modular design
  • Simple to install and extend
  • Low cost
  • Low cost
  • Mixed capacity systems
  • Motorized tractor units
  • Telescopic bridges
  • Cantilever bridges
  • Track transfer units
  • Made in USA


As a supplier of major materials handling projects worldwide, we are well experienced in dealing with turnkey installations where standard cranes are not considered ideal. We believe that providing the customer with all the required systems configured exactly to their needs is essential to ensure the installed project is ‘fit for purpose’.

The Met-Track® steel track design is one of high strength and low weight by combining the running track profile with standoff reinforcement to considerably increase span distances. The ‘V’ shaped profile of the running track ensures alignment of the trolleys and end truck but also prevents dirt accumulation inside the tracks.

Machined wheels with crowned tread and precision sealed bearings ensure absolute minimum rolling resistance, providing long operational life.

Five standard capacities to choose from 250 lbs (125kg), 500 lbs (250kg), 1000 lbs (250kg), 2000 lbs (1000kg) and 4000 lbs (2000kg), with a vast range of load trolleys, hangers, switches, turntables, exit/entry sections and curved profiles with standard and non-standard radii.

Floor mounted cranes can be installed on any normal 6-inch (150mm) reinforced concrete floor. For ceiling mounted requirements it is imperative that you seek professional advice on whether your building structure is capable of withstanding the forces generated by the workstation monorails.


Learn what workstation monorails are, how they work, how much they can carry, specific applications and advantages, and much more to help you make an informed decision before purchasing.


What are workstation monorails?

An overhead monorail crane, also called a workstation monorail, is a lifting structure bolted from the ceiling or attached to another structure, with a single piece of enclosed track that can move material north-south or along a curve or bend.

What industries use overhead monorail cranes?

A wide variety of industries use overhead monorail cranes–it is particularly useful for production line applications where material needs to be moved along a single dimension.

How much do overhead monorail cranes cost?

Met-Track overhead monorail cranes cost between $5,000 – $60,000 depending on the size and lifting capacity.

What is the lift capacity of an overhead monorail crane?

Met-Track overhead monorail cranes can lift between 250 – 4,000 lbs.

I just ordered an overhead monorail crane. What is the lead time before I have it and it’s ready to go?

The lead time for an overhead monorail crane is currently 4 weeks.

How should I maintain my overhead monorail crane?

We recommend an annual inspection to make sure bolts are tight and everything is running smoothly. Your Met-Track dealer can handle your inspection and maintenance needs.

Do overhead monorail cranes make my job site safer?

Yes! Our overhead monorail cranes comply with OSHA safety standards, and enclosed track equipment is less likely to come off-track, creating a safer work environment.

What is the warranty for an overhead monorail crane?

We offer a 10-year mechanical warranty and a 2-year electrical warranty.

Are overhead monorail cranes durable?

Met-Track overhead monorail cranes are powder-coated (as opposed to enamel paint), making them less likely to chip. We also use metal wheels inside the enclosed track rather than plastic or rubber, so they are highly durable and don’t have to be regularly replaced.

What are the movement restrictions for an overhead monorail crane?

Met-Track overhead monorail cranes can be configured to move material an unlimited distance in a single (north-south) dimension or along a bend or curve.




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