ALU-LIFT® Aluminum Gantries

The ultimate in lightweight construction for ease of portability. These portable aluminum gantry cranes are ideal when you require constant assembly or disassembly, such as by site personnel or for a remote/difficult location. A range of models allow for capacities up to 4000lbs (2000kgs) with spans up to 20′ (6m).

The ALU-LIFT® is simple to set up and breakdown and has features which minimize the space required for storage and transportation. Each system comes complete with a load trolley for a simple all in one solution.


  • Capacity up from 1000 lbs (500 kgs) to 4000 lbs (2000 kgs)
  • Spans up to 20' (6 m)
  • Over 50 standard models
  • Simple to assemble and disassemble
  • Lightweight, portable design
  • 360° Swivel locking castors as standard
  • Made in USA


For those where the standard product does not quite fit their application, we are committed to being able to review clients’ needs in greater detail and develop custom solutions to me their requirements.


Learn what aluminum gantry cranes are, how they work, how much they can carry, specific applications and advantages, and much more to help you make an informed decision before purchasing.


What is an aluminum gantry crane?

An aluminum gantry crane is a portable crane that can safely lift heavy material in a remote worksite. Met-Track gantries are easy to assemble and the industrial casters allow the gantry to be rolled to any location as long as you have a hard and level surface.

What industries use aluminum gantry cranes?

A wide variety of industries use aluminum gantry cranes–it is especially useful in applications where you don’t want to install a permanent structure, like auto shops, or environments where headroom is at a premium. Aluminum gantries are also ideal for remote locations, such as escalators or air conditioning units on roofs.

How do aluminum gantry cranes work?

An aluminum gantry is attached to a wheeled A-frame, which is in turn attached to the trolley and hoist. The entire crane swivels on casters, so it can easily be moved in any direction (although it should not be moved under load conditions).

How much do aluminum gantry cranes cost?

Met-Track aluminum gantry cranes cost between $3,000 – $5,000 depending on the size and lifting capacity.

What is the lift capacity of an aluminum gantry crane?

Met-Track aluminum gantry cranes can lift up to 4,000 lbs, depending on the model.

I just ordered an aluminum gantry crane. What is the lead time before I have it and it’s ready to go?

The lead time for an aluminum gantry crane is currently 4 weeks.

How should I maintain my aluminum gantry crane?

We recommend an annual inspection to make sure bolts are tight and everything is running smoothly. Your Met-Track dealer can handle your inspection and maintenance needs.

Do aluminum gantry cranes make my job site safer?

Yes! Our aluminum gantry cranes comply with OSHA safety standards.

What is the warranty for an aluminum gantry crane?

We offer a 5-year mechanical warranty.

Are aluminum gantry cranes durable?

Met-Track aluminum gantry cranes are coated with an aluminum finish that is highly durable and resistant to chipping and wear and tear.

What are the movement restrictions for an aluminum gantry crane?

Aluminum gantry cranes can lift material to a maximum height of 12 feet, and move on the enclosed track a maximum width of 12 feet. Of course the entire aluminum gantry is on industrial casters so the gantry can be rolled to any location as long as you have a hard and level surface. Aluminum gantries should not be moved under load conditions.




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