A Global Company for Over 50 Years


Our Business

Met-Track® are market leaders and innovators in Industrial solutions, specializing in personal safety and mechanical handling solutions. The company was founded in 1969 and is recognized as a global leader in its field. From design and manufacture to installation and service, we pride ourselves in our innovation and commitment to excellence in all that we do.

We believe in making the world safer and industry more effective through the use of best-in-class solutions. Our business is global and is built around our ability to innovate and deliver solutions to our clients. Founded in the United Kingdom, we continue to grow and lead our respective markets with the best of engineering solutions. We are customer focused and pride ourselves in our ability to solve problems and create value in partnership with our customers.

We are committed to the highest standards of customer care and our culture is built around continuous improvement. Our people are our business and we invest heavily in training, innovation, research and new product development as well as world-class manufacturing methods, underpinned by the most up-to-date technology. We are dedicated to building long-term partnerships with our clients. Get in touch and speak with our technical experts and see how we can support you.

The mission of Met-Track is to provide engineering, design and installation solutions that are responsive to our clients' needs in an innovative, cost effective, professional, quality service manner.

We will accomplish this by utilizing our common values and in achieving our business objective of having a satisfied client.

Achieving business objectives is the result of an empowered, values driven work force that is motivated to succeed.

Our vision at Met-Track is to be the best global industrial handling and safety provider, delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to our customers across the world.




Our clients come first! We handle each order with care and attention to detail. No matter how big or small your project is, you will get the full dedication and expertise of our team. We are committed to giving the best customer experience at every turn.



We put safety at the heart of everything we do for our customers and ourselves. With this focus in mind, our goal is to provide best-in-class products for your industry. We promote a safety culture through every product, process, and system.


A deep understanding of our customers’ needs drives us to keep breaking new grounds. We started as the pioneers in our field, and today we are relentless innovators invested in moving the market forward with new products and solutions. Our patents are testimony to our ingenuity.



Our products are manufactured and produced locally in the USA. This gives us the flexibility to offer customizable solutions that fit your precise needs. Domestic production is an integral part of our commitment to our customers and high standards of quality.


We strive to deliver world-class quality in everything we do, from groundbreaking product features to the support we provide. Our quality management system underpins our continuous improvement culture. We build long-term relationships by nurturing trust and accountability.





Our people are the lifeblood of our organization. We believe that organizations do not think, act or make decisions… people do. By attracting, retaining and developing the best talent in our industry we deliver value to our customers. We believe in challenging everything we do in order to make us better. We are committed to a culture of continuous improvement, where we train all of our colleagues with the tools and techniques to make our products and solutions better for our customers. We are inventors, engineers and problem solvers. We design and develop game-changing solutions for our customers. Our relationships with our customers are long lasting and we take pride in delivering value in partnership. We are committed to growing our teams in line with our company values, where people have a voice and are committed to continuous improvement. We invest heavily in training and sponsor our employees to be life-long learners and promote innovative working at every level.


We recognize our business activities have an impact on the environment and we believe we have a responsibility to play a positive role in the world of reducing our carbon footprint and be more sustainable in all that we do.  We are also committed to raising awareness of our actions and train all employees in environmental awareness. In cooperation with our suppliers and subcontractors we will aim to improve the overall environmental performance to minimize the social and environmental impact of our activities. Met-Track is committed to maintaining its legal compliance to ensure it meets its responsibilities under US legislation. Our management team measures and takes action to ensure that our environmental performance meets our objectives.